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About Mega Meta Technologies

MEGA META TECHNOLOGIES (MMT) was founded in 2019 with the rapid rise of technology finance. Since the inception, MMT have mainly researched the underlying technology of blockchain, and provided blockchain integration solutions for application scenarios such as supply chain finance, payment and settlement, and electronic contracts. At the same time, MMT will gradually build a blockchain ecological platform integrating blockchain laboratory, smart contract research and development and innovation, and other services. From the aspects of technology, capital, resources and other aspects to promote the development of the blockchain industry. 

About Mega Meta Insurance

About Mega Meta Insurance

MEGA META INSURANCE (MMI) is a creative and all-inclusive insurance ecosystem service system that assists global technology innovators to thrive in a safe environment. MMI uses an insurance mechanism of a risk-sharing pool, which is managed by community members holding MMI tokens and votes on the validity of specific claims. It is a mutual-aid insurance solution that is co-financed by members and shares risk.

MMI Ecosystem

1. Digital Assets Insurance

Users can protect their assets from transaction risk by paying a little of insurance premiums, and if there is no claim at maturity, the insurer can receive a return digital currency as a premium income.

2. Proof of Stake

Staking is one of the main value-added strategies of MMI Token. Stakers stake their MMI Tokens on the MMI platform to get repriced rewards. Rewards for repricing are derived from yields and vary depending on the amount staked in the protocol and monetary policy to set the rate of return.

3. DeFi Assets Management Experts

MMI is a platform with the combination of cryptocurrency insurance, Metaverse, blockchain, DeFi and NFT, allowing users to immersely enter the metaverse trading world. Transactions are no longer restricted to formalities, and users are able to perform any transactions with peace of mind and comfort without risk.


MMI Ecosystem allows talents from all around the world to secure a well-paying job with a flexible working hour. The generation of MMI DAO, from law to creativity, from governance to marketing, from development to fund management, creates a channel for project parties to sign contracts with participants, and it is simple to obtain task rewards after completing specific tasks. Every MMI holder has their voting rights under MMI DAO.



MMI Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MMI

Contract Address: 0xc79C2f7711fE45b7ACC6646834940A298322715d

MMI is the governance token of the Mega Meta Insurance Ecosystem in Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It offers users the ability to take out covers on smart contracts through the usage of its native token MMI.

MMI uses a risk-sharing pool that allows anyone to purchase insurance cover or contribute their capital to the pool for future rewards. MMI tries to disrupt the insurance industry by transitioning the power over the pooled resources to the individual people. Anyone is allowed to participate, as the mutual is owned by its members. 

Users can stake MMI to vote on claim assessments and on whether or not a certain claim needs to be paid out. The members who decide to vote in accordance with the consensus are rewarded with MMI, whereas the ones that vote against it have their tokens locked for a period of time.

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